Candy Store Merchandise

The Buying Power of Liberty

Liberty Opportunities has developed long-term relationships with the world’s leading suppliers of high-quality candy store merchandise. Because Liberty brings a large volume of purchases to the suppliers, the suppliers treat us as a chain.

Even though each store is independently owned, Liberty is able to offer candy store owners the buying power of a much larger company.

A lot of small businesses have difficulty competing with large chains. Through strategic relationships with suppliers in our preferred buying network, we are able to provide our candy store owners with price discounts on candy store items that only large chain stores or large wholesalers are able to obtain. We take small store owners and make them big players in the industry.

Liberty’s Preferred Vendor Network offers many advantages to a Liberty candy store owner including:

  • Exclusive Prices Reserved Only for Liberty Opportunities
  • Access to a Diverse Selection of Quality Candy Products
  • Vendor-Offered Monthly Specials and Discounts
  • A “Big Business” Competitive Edge in the Marketplace

Buying Power of Liberty

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